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Dyaza Construction has been operating ever since the company’s inception in the  year 2000, at first as a Sub-contractor to Grinacker-LTA focusing on stormwater pipe laying, water reticulation, Kerbing and Channel, Manholes, Sewage piping and Concrete works in general. This profile provides an overview of the company’s experience and capabilities.   

Duyaza Construction is registered as a Grade (6CE/PE) with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) which is the which is a regulatory body established under Act of Parliament Act 38 of 2000.  We have since diversified our portfolio to include other grades such as 1SQ PE, 1EP PE, 1GB PE, 1 ME PE, 1SL PE and 1SB PE. Our company Has vast experience mostly in civil engineering Projects that spans for just over 20 years.

The company has also provided In-service Training and became a training bed for over Forty students over the years. This has positioned the company well in market to receive dynamic students who through the company’s operations are prepared for the Civil Engineering and General Building sector.  This has been possible through some of our biggest clients such as PRASA, ESKOM, Department of Transport, Department of Health, Mhlathuize Water Board, Department of Water and Sanitation and metros like eThekwini Municipality, Gold Circle Race Course (Durban), Transnet Limited (NPA) amongst others.  Our company has also done community projects. Given the technological advancement of the 21st Century, and the young and tech savvy new management in the Company, Duyaza Construction want’ is positioning itself for delivering projects in ways that meets the 21st century construction site demand. 


We pride ourselves on meeting modern-day construction challenges and ensuring the successful completion of complex projects. Our promise to deliver the highest standard of quality in workmanship and client satisfaction. Our Company strives to conduct its business fairly and honestly and with consideration to the long-term need of all its stakeholders, i.e. Clients, Employees, communities, Suppliers and service Providers. At the heart of what we do are our committed employees who do not tire even in trying times to deliver projects that meet the ongoing  demands of the end user.

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